Hello Sports fans

I’m not a professional writer, nor have I been an amateur one of late. Sports fan from the great northwest, my allegiances are deeply tied to the state of Oregon. This blog / series of non-linear thoughts / amalgamation of nonsense, is intended to be an all encompassing basketball blog, but will surely be NBA saturated. I’m not here to portray myself as an unbiased party, or the guy who spends hours studying different variations of the 2-3 zone. But alas, basketball, cruelly the sport I excelled at least, is the one I find myself gravitating to most.

Let’s start with a list of things that make up some of my recent musings. This may or may not be a list of things I hold near and dear to my heart a day after publishing this.

  1. The 90’s wasn’t a better era for basketball, and the three point line isn’t ruining the game. Evolution happens, within ourselves, and the environment around us, sports aren’t an exception.
  2. I have NBA league pass, and Joel Embiid on two fantasy teams. You can consider me your resident west coast expert on all things 76ers. HOT TAKE: The starting PG is whoever isn’t injured.
  3. The Los Angeles Clippers are a clown franchise filled with clown players, driven to games in a clown car by their clown, coach Doc Rivers.
  4. Lebron James is really bad at lay-ups.
  5. Michael Redd was one smooth cat.
  6. The Chinese Basketball Association is an odd and beautiful place. Where Jimmer can average 40 a game, and Stephon Marbury can earn that coveted Permanent Resident status.
  7. College basketball feels like an entirely different product than the NBA, and outside of fan passion I don’t think thats a good thing.
  8. Hack a whoever should stay. AD, KAT, Cousins and the new wave of dynamic big men are the future. Let the game, and more importantly the players, adapt. If 10 years down the line every center is shooting above 65% from the line the sport will be better for it.
  9. To expand on that last point, Boogie Cousins is a bad man.
  10. NBA on TNT coverage of games in Oklahoma City is truly saddening. That place looks terrible, who could blame KD for wanting out of that dust bowl.
  11. The Boston Celtics local color commentator, Tommy Heinsohn is as bad as you’d expect.
  12. The NBA, as a brand is seeing it’s value skyrocket and has more marketing  opportunities than it’s American Sport counterparts. The influx of foreign players keeps growing, while the health issues surrounding football nearly ensures the best American athletes will prefer the court over the field.

I’m sure my next post will be about the Blazers blowing another 4th quarter lead, but until then..




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